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  Sabino’s family at the original restaurant in Italy in 1933. His father is standing under the bell, which is cheese.
De Pascale proudly serves quality, fresh, traditional Italian recipes at a low cost for lunches and dinner most days of the week.
Italy pastry shop and coffee shop today. Six years ago, they received a certificate from the chamber of commerce for being one of the few businesses in Italy to hold the same licence for more than 100 years.
“When my wife and I came to Australia, we had the dream of creating a little slice of Italy in Australia – and that is what we are doing at the moment.”
Sabino said that with his passion for food and his wife’s love of culture and languages, they created Italian experiences between the restaurant, language classes, cooking classes, and movie and dinner nights.
Claudia’s cooking classes and Italian conversation business at Geebung is not far from the restaurant and allows the customers to have a deeper connection and understanding of Italy – without needing to leave Brisbane.
My family has a three-generation usiness,” Sabino said. “They still run the
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Alongside De Pascale’s specialised pizzas, they also serve lasagne, spaghetti, cannoli, Italian doughnuts, lobster tails, tiramisu, and traditional Italian cakes like pastiera and caprese.
Some of the meals can be purchased cold, to take home and reheat at your convenience, allowing for ease at dinner time.
See what De Pascale has on the menu and order via:
Reservations for cooking classes and Italian conversation here: 0424 943 928
Lunch: Tuesday-Friday, 11:30am-1:30pm Dinner: Tuesday -Saturday, 5:00pm-8:30pm 65/23 Playfield Street, Chermside
Ph. 33599878
hermside’s De Pascale Slice of Italy Takeaway has been serving up authentic Italian delicacies to their clientele for
seven years, and strives to give an experience of their culture and traditions to all that visit.
Sabino De Pascale and Claudia D’Abrosio came to Australia 16 years ago with the dream to share their passion for Italy with their new community.
Sabino has followed in his family’s footsteps, with his grandfather starting a bakery and delicatessen in Avellino, Italy. Sabino’s father transformed the bakery into a pastry shop after WWII, which is currently being run by his two younger brothers.
“The restaurant is an Italian pizzeria, but I also make fresh pasta, and lots of Italian pastries – especially from Naples, because I’m from that part of Italy,” Sabino said.

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