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FStory Jodie Woodward
our northside women have taken out the 2021 State Fours Champions for lawn bowls. Marie Webber, Sue O’Toole, Chris
Russell, and Pat Hobson won their title playing against New Zealand international Katelyn Inch, Australian Jackaroos Kelsey Cottrell and Lynsey Clarke, and state representative Pamela Rowe.
Pat Hobson said she started playing lawn bowls in 2005 at Chermside and hadn’t looked back since.
“I never really wanted to play bowls, but my friend did, and I went with her and got hooked,” she said.
For Pat, the title win was unexpected. She said she thought the heavy green contributed to levelling the playing field, but for her, the pressure was definitely off by the time the team made it to the semi and finals – which were both won on an extra end.
“No one was more shocked than us to be in the final - and to play the players we played and win,” she said.
“There was no pressure on us as we didn’t expect to win; I didn’t, anyway. For me, in other games, I’d been nervous when we started, but for the semi and final I didn’t expect we could win so I didn’t feel any pressure. I felt the pressure was on them really, being the players they are. We hung in there and it shows that anything can happen.”
The women will go on to represent Queensland against the winners from the other states at the nationals, being played at Broadbeach in October this year.
“Who knows? We’ll give it a shot. There’ll be no pressure on us again,” Pat said.
Thinking about giving lawn bowls a try? Pat said it was a great activity for people of all ages.
“I would highly recommend it. It’s a good social outlet,” she said. “You don’t have to be competitive, and you don’t have to play in the competitions. It was something I never really wanted to do, but once I did it, I loved it. I think it’s a great social activity where you can meet new people and get around to new clubs. And you can play anywhere.”
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Photo: Women’s Fours State Champions: Sue O’Toole, Pat Hobson, Christine Russell & Marie Webber

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