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GStory Jodie Woodward
eebung Bowls Club offers a friendly environment for those looking for a place to be social. Activities at the club
include dances and dance lessons, bingo, card playing and of course, bowls.
Club manager Linda Jackson said the club also had regular bands and dances.
“Regular acts include Second Wind, our community big band, Fortunato’s Let’s Dance (always a big favourite), Chi Chi for our rock ‘n’ roll dancers, and The Blue Suede Band, a five- piece band who love to play raunchy rock ’n’ roll from the 50s to the 80s,” Linda said. “Our Saturday night ballroom dance also caters for various dance styles, waltz, Latin, new vogue and jive.
“Freshly furnished, we aim to provide an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere where locals can meet each other over a hot cup of coffee or a cold drink from our friendly bar,” she said.
This month, The Blue Suede Band will once again rock out at the venue. Band member George Torrisi said their current line up comprised five experienced musicians who had come together because of the love of 50s to 70s rock ‘n’ roll. He describes their style as guitar-based lead, rhythm, bass and drums.
“This versatility of musicianship and how we all gel together as musicians makes the band what it is today,” George said. “No other rock ‘n’ roll band sounds like us. Our sound is raunchy.”
George said Geebung Bowls club had a really huge dance floor which was great for rock ‘n’ roll dancing along to their tunes.
“I would say come along,” he said. “You won’t regret it. If you love dancing, you will be on the floor wearing out your blue suede shoes. If you love rock ‘n’ roll and live music, you can enjoy Blue Suede while having a meal, a drink, singing along and tapping your toes. If you just want to get out of home on a Sunday afternoon, come down and listen to some live music. There’s nothing like a real band playing live.”
For any further information, go to www. or call 3263 3133. Tickets are $10 and bookings are essential as numbers are limited due to COVID restrictions.
The Blue Suede Band Sunday, 4 July, 2.00pm Geebung Bowls Club
21 Thompson St, Zillmere

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