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Eye Spy A Whale's Tale

Published On : Jul 03, 2021
Eye Spy A Whale
Experience the thrill of watching one of the largest living species on earth splash around in your backyard as 33,000 playful humpback whales migrate through Moreton Bay this year.

Brisbane Whale Watching is celebrating 25 years of successful whale tours and is excited to embark on their biggest year yet.

Owner and captain of Brisbane Whale Watching Kerry Lopez said she loved running the tours so much that when October rolled around she was devastated the see the whales move on for another year.

I can't wait to see them each year, Kerry said. It's nice to see the same whales year after year. Seeing some of the individual whales that we have identified and watching them grow up from being babies to sub-adults to mums is really special.

Kerry said that although the whales were the main event of the day, guests also got to experience the abundant marine life in the pristine Moreton Bay Marine Park that is filled with dolphins, turtles, hammerhead sharks, flying fish, and dugongs.

The humpbacks love Moreton Bay because the warm, shallow waters make for a really good nursing ground and place to teach their babies all the antics of breaching and tale slapping," Kerry said. There's also protection ' they are able to actually rest and nurse their calves because we don't get a lot of the predators; the great white sharks and the killer whales don't come into Moreton Bay.

With the water temperatures increasing, we're finding that the whales aren't having to travel as far north to give birth to their babies. We've even filmed a baby being born and had a baby being born under the boat where the mother used the boat as protection. That was pretty amazing to be able to share that with all the people onboard.

The tours run from Redcliffe Jetty, seven days a week between June and November, and are onboard the luxury vessel Eye Spy that was specifically crafted for whale spotting.

Kerry said that in the 25 years of operation, she had carried nearly 400,000 people to have their whale experiences, and whether young or old, seeing a humpback was something never to be forgotten.

You can see a whale on TV, and you can see a whale in pictures and newspapers, but when you see one of the largest living creatures on earth right beside you, it is such a memorable and powerful experience.

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