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Savvy business owners have known about this and accessed grants for a very long time.
Many in business would have heard about and possibly received funding from the State Government’s Adaption Grant last year to assist them to stay open and operating. As part of the recovery bounce-back there have been further grants of this type, such as the $50,000 business growth grant that opened in May. There is more to come here from State Government in the form of $5,000 for basic needs for small businesses that opens 31 May, and $15,000 for boosting businesses that opens in July. These are to assist the smaller businesses who might have missed out or just need a small amount to change up their way of business and re-engage customers through things such as websites and marketing.
All levels of government, along with philanthropic organisations offer funding. One such exciting grant, backed by SpaceX, Cisco and NetVault, is the Project Halo grant that will award one lucky Australian regional school a $100,000 Information Technology internet package.
“The funding is there you just have to apply,” Robyn said.
To find out more about the State Government’s small business grants, visit grants/schedule.
You can contact Robyn
Grants — what are they and hy would I need one?
ell, if you’re in business, have a not- for-profit or a community group, then this is money that you can
access and is available to those who meet the criteria. Grants aren’t loans, and as long as you spend them on what you document in the application and acquit them by the deadline, the money is all yours. Sometimes matching the funding is required and the percentage is different depending on the funding.
According to marketing and communications expert Robyn Baker, there are “billions of dollars” in grants in Australia. “We are seeing a huge injection of funding to assist everyone right from the smallest of charities to the largest of corporation,” Robyn said.
Funding grants are available for things such as energy needs, equipment upgrades, manufacturing, tourism, events, innovation, mental health, websites, marketing, and even employment. Small community and sporting groups access funding for field improvements, facilities, and equipment such as lighting and kitchen fit-outs.

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