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 IStory Eve Vickerson
DESMOND can help those who are newly diagnosed to understand and manage the changes type 2 diabetes can bring to their lives.
Dale said some people could feel overwhelmed after a diabetes diagnosis, but help was available. “Being diagnosed with any type of diabetes can be quite a shock,” he said. “Asking your GP for a referral to a psychologist or debriefing with family and friends can be a help towards managing feeling overwhelmed.”
Learning how to manage your health can also help. DESMOND provides practical diabetes management skills, as well as information that people may not be aware of.
“Many people don’t realise type 2 diabetes is progressive,” Dale said. “Everyone progresses at a different rate, but they can slow the rate of progression by following a healthy lifestyle – eating healthily and moving more – and taking medication, as prescribed.”
Book your place at DESMOND by searching ‘Chermside’ at events-and-education/
magine you had to make an extra 180 decisions a day on top of all the ones you already make. That’s the estimated number
of diabetes-related decisions that people with the condition face every day.
Diabetes Queensland Accredited Practising Dietitian Dale Cooke said knowledge was power for people living with diabetes. “When you know more about your health conditions, how they affect you, and how to manage them, then you can make sure your quality of life is as good as possible – and there’s less likely to be nasty surprises down the track,” Dale said.
This is where Diabetes Education and Self- Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) can help.
“It’s a free educational program for people living with type 2 diabetes that’s a full day of learning, which draws out the beliefs, feelings, and knowledge of the participants,” Dale said. “They learn how to manage their diabetes, and the program guides them to write their own management plan.”
For those who have been managing diabetes longer, the program offers the latest information and strategies on healthy food choices, physical activity, and medication management.
Tuesday, 22 June, 9am-4pm Kedron Wavell Services Club 21 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside
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