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alive. Now, they’re looking for a new home and maybe even a way to save the world – or at least America.
The cast give an amazing performance, which
is due in part to John Krasinski who is back again in front of the camera and in the director’s chair. For a relatively new director, he’s crafted
a film with care and precision, not afraid to
try new techniques and take a couple of risks along the way. A case in point being when you’re watching three separate scenes running in parallel, each building to their own tense moments, you’ll end up running out of things to clench.
The key to any good movie, in particular horror movies, are the characters; if you don’t care about them, why would you care if they get squished by a monster? Luckily the characters have been created so that every step they take is almost as agonising for us as it is for them. There are a few plot holes but they’re easily overlooked as the next heart pumping beat is just around the corner. Purists may be upset by the use of jump scares but I thought they were great.
Overall, it felt like a true extension of the first film and developed on the world further without throwing in unnecessary extras to spice it up.
re sequels as good as the originals? More often than not the answer is ‘NO!’ but in this case it’s a big ‘YES!’
 tory Nick Allford
After a brief flashback we pick up immediately where Part I left off, which you’ll need to watch before watching Part II (and also before reading this review). Centred around a family trying to survive in a world where if you make a noise, a giant creature will jump out and bite your head off, or whatever limb is nearest. As said family includes a son, a daughter who is severely hard of hearing and a newborn baby, you’d think this would be an impossible task, but somehow, they’re among the few remaining people left

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