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                                           ICRIME NEWS
n the Chermside area last month, there By implementing
were a total of 98 other street offences preventative and safety
 strategies, you can gain It is important to acknowledge that we all have awareness for yourself
including thefts.
Senior Constable Victoria Christensen
and the children in your
care, so you can keep the fear of violence in perspective:
• Be committed
• Be confident
• Be aware of your surroundings • Trust and act on your instincts • Be assertive
• Develop a safety network
• Have a personal safety plan
the right to be safe. However, Senior Constable Victoria Christensen said, “Having this right doesn’t mean people will automatically respect it”. Parents need to be supervising their children whilst outdoors or in large venues, and especially around other adults, to make sure they are not being groomed or taken advantage of.
To exercise this right, we need to take action if we believe our safety is being threatened. Our responsibilities to having this right is to look after ourselves by ensuring we maintain our safety, as well as to respect the safety of others.
        12 Other Theft (excl. Unlawful Entry)
2 Drug Offences
1 Traffic & Related Offences 1 Handling Stolen Goods 1 Unlawful Use of Motor Vehicle
1 Unlawful Entry
      2 Unlawful Entry
171 Offences Chermside Area
26 APR 2021 — 25 MAY 2021
         76 Other Theft (excl. Unlawful Entry) 8 Other Property Damage
7 Unlawful Entry
7 Traffic & Related Offences
2 Weapons Act Offences
  Other Theft (encl. Unlawful Entry)
 5 Drug Offences
5 Good Order Offences 3 Unlawful Use of Motor
2 Drug Offences
1 Other Theft (excl.
Unlawful Entry) 1 Unlawful Use of
 Motor Vehicle 1 Unlawful Entry
5 Other Theft (encl. Unlawful Entry)
 1 Assault
      4 Other Theft (excl. Unlawful Entry) 3 Assault
2 Unlawful Entry
1 Good Order Offences
2 Assault
2 Handling Stolen Goods
2 Fraud
2 Other Offences Against the Person 1 Trespassing & Vagrancy
1 Robbery
      1 Drug Offences
1 Handling Stolen Goods 1 Other Property Damage
3 Drug Offences
   1 Traffic & Related Offences
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