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     Remidee Hayes
  LStory Jodie Woodward
ocal actress Remidee Hayes is just six years old and already has a wealth of acting experience under her belt.
She started acting at just 10 months old when she starred in two Vaccination Matters commercials for Queensland Health. After that she began competing in beauty
pageants, where she won many trophies and prizes. Her acting career continued in 2018 when she starred in her first feature film Occupation: Rainfall, playing a village child. Since then, she has also appeared in many short films such as Seven Times, Crisis Point,
A Godless Country, Sock and Buskin and Rise of the Animals.
Remidee’s mother Renee Hayes said Remidee was “enjoying the work she did.
I think it would be a long-term career for her,” Renee said. “She was raised in the industry at a young age, so to Remidee this is her life and it’s all normal to her. Her dream role would be in an action movie where she plays a hero,” she said.
Remidee’s acting work requires a lot of travel, especially to the Gold Coast. Renee said it was the people they met along the way, though, that was a highlight of Remidee’s acting career so far.
“The highlight of her career is meeting amazing people,” she said. “We met Dan Ewing on Occupation: Rainfall. He was such a nice guy to work with.”
It’s not all film work and acting for Remidee these days though. She also does some modelling work for local businesses and organisations around Chermside.
“Remidee is currently preparing to strut her stuff on the catwalk for the Salvos fashion show and has been invited to model clothes for Retro Fox at the end of August, who she is a regular model for,” Renee said.
When she’s not modelling and acting, Remidee’s favourite activities sound like ones most six-year-olds can relate to – martial arts and playing piano. This month, however, also has Remidee adding ‘red carpet premiere’ to her list of things to do. Her first red carpet appearance for the film Seven Times will take place in Ipswich on 18 July.
To keep up to date on Remidee’s career, follow @remideehayes_actor on Instagram.

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